Fidel Tukel – How Boxing Conditioning can Prepare You for the Rugby Field

Fidel Tukel has many years of experience as a boxing trainer, promoter, and manager. Today, he continues to manage and train boxers for the ring and “was the boxing conditioning coach along with Johnny Lewis (Australia’s greatest-ever boxing trainer for [the] 2013 NRL champions Sydney Roosters.”

Fidel Tukel_as a boxing trainer

He has worked with many different athletes across many different sports to help them perform better in whatever sport they want by teaching them the conditioning techniques that he uses for boxers to be able to stay in the ring for fifteen rounds.

Fidel Tukel knows that boxers have to be in excellent shape to be able to take a beating and continue to dole out punishment in the ring. Being able to move your feet and stay focused longer than your opponent is a huge factor in all boxing matchups. The same goes for rugby.

The team that can outrun and take the most punishment on the field usually wins. Rugby is a contact sport played with no pads. Players have to take their punishment and still be able to think tactically in ways that other sports don’t need them to. But boxing conditioning provides rugby players to practice under similar conditions to a rugby game, while developing the skills in individual workouts they need to succeed on the rugby field.

Fidel Tukel has helped many rugby players and boxers prepare for their next event. He has experience working closely with athletes of all kinds on their conditioning and strength so that they can create opportunities for themselves and their teams in the ring and on the field.




About Fidel Tukel

Fidel Tukel is a boxing promoter and trainer based in Sydney, Australia. He organized his first boxing match in April of 2008 and has organized over twenty-five such events since. One of his accomplishments for boxing fans in Australia the first free-to-air boxing event in Australia in over twenty years on ONE HD, when he promoted four fights in four weeks.
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