Fidel Tukel – Fan of Aussie Rules Football

Fidel Tukel is a boxing promoter, trainer, and manager based in Sydney, Australia. He also works as a music promoter, setting up concerts and tours for some of the biggest musical acts in the world so they can come to Australia and wow fans there, too.

Fidel Tukel_Fan of Aussie Rules Football

Tukel also owns his own gym, where he helps people train in other sports, and even works in property development and construction as well. Tukel doesn’t have a ton of time, but he still finds enough to follow his favorite sports teams, including Aussie Rules Football teams, around the world.

Fidel Tukel is a fan of rugby, soccer, and Aussie rules football, which has exploded in popularity in recent years as more fans have begun to pack stadiums to watch Australian teams play and around the world, including the United States. Now, many major cities in the US have professional or semi-professional Aussie rules football teams and leagues.

Fidel Tukel - Deicke_Hedgcock

Aussie rule football is similar to both rugby and soccer. Two teams of eighteen players each play at a time, usually on a modified cricket field. The ball is similar to the heavy, oblong ball used in rugby and the primary way to score is to kick the ball between two tall goal posts. Players advance the ball up and down the field by kicking, handballing, or running with the ball.

Fidel Tukel has been a sports fan since his days as a kid and his passion for sports shows through whenever he trains people in his gym.


About Fidel Tukel

Fidel Tukel is a boxing promoter and trainer based in Sydney, Australia. He organized his first boxing match in April of 2008 and has organized over twenty-five such events since. One of his accomplishments for boxing fans in Australia the first free-to-air boxing event in Australia in over twenty years on ONE HD, when he promoted four fights in four weeks.
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