Fidel Tukel: living at the beach

Fidel Tukel has a great deal of responsibility as a business owner. He is the director of a construction company that takes on residential and commercial building projects with an emphasis on concrete work. In addition to his construction endeavors, he is also a boxing gym owner who promotes events.

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This successful businessman was born in Mildura, in Victoria, Australia, and his family moved to Sydney when he was eleven years of age. He is currently a resident of Sydney, and he lives in a very interesting part of the metropolitan area.

Fidel Tukel resides in Maroubra, which is one of the eastern suburbs of the city of Sydney. It is a beach-side community, so he has easy access to the sights and sounds of the shore. When you live near the beach, you have many opportunities to enjoy your spare time, especially if you are into physical activities like this individual.

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Since he is a boxing trainer, he knows a good bit about the value of aerobic fitness. Boxers put in “roadwork,” but he does not have to actually hit the road. He can run alongside the beach, and this is a lot more appealing than a run through city streets.

The Maroubra area is famous for the surfing opportunities that it provides, and this is another activity that he can engage in. Plus, after a busy day at work, people sometimes need to just relax and be alone with their thoughts. Fidel Tukel can visit some very meditative spots near the ocean, so he can always kick back, listen to the waves hit the shore, and leave the stresses of the day behind.




About Fidel Tukel

Fidel Tukel is a boxing promoter and trainer based in Sydney, Australia. He organized his first boxing match in April of 2008 and has organized over twenty-five such events since. One of his accomplishments for boxing fans in Australia the first free-to-air boxing event in Australia in over twenty years on ONE HD, when he promoted four fights in four weeks.
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