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Fidel Tukel: Basics of Aussie Rules Football

Australian native Fidel Tukel has long been a fan of Aussie Rules Football; that unique, rugby-style sport which is a staple of the Australia sports scene. For the most part, Aussie Rules Football, known affectionately by many players and fans … Continue reading

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Fidel Tukel: What to Know About Rugby Sevens

A fan and coach of Rugby sevens, a variation of traditional rugby which has gained popularity throughout the world, Fidel Tukel is well-acquainted with rules and structure of the game. A variation of rugby union, rugby sevens consists of teams … Continue reading

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Fidel Tukel – Training Olympic Boxers

Fidel Tukel is a well-known boxing trainer and manager in Sydney, Australia. In 2007, he opened Black town Hit Squad, a boxing gym that allowed him to train and manage several Olympic hopefuls. Unlike many of the other sports featured … Continue reading

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Fidel Tukel – Fan of Aussie Rules Football

Fidel Tukel is a boxing promoter, trainer, and manager based in Sydney, Australia. He also works as a music promoter, setting up concerts and tours for some of the biggest musical acts in the world so they can come to … Continue reading

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Fidel Tukel – Proud Coach of Rugby Union Girls 7s

Fidel Tukel has been a boxing promoter and trainer, as well as a rugby coach, in the Sydney area in Australia for many years. He gives back to the community by coaching a Rugby Union Girls 7s team for the … Continue reading

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