Fidel Tukel: Choosing the Right Boxing Trainer

Through his boxing gym, Fidel Tukel has trained and managed many boxers since 2007. His client list includes respected Olympians such as Bradley Michael “Brad” Pitt, Gerard Omahoney, and Kariz Kariuki, alongside world champions such as Leonardo Zappavigna, Will Tomlinson, and Vic Darchinyan, among others.

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There’s an abundance of boxing gyms in many cities, making it a daunting challenge to locate a good gym and trainer to work with.

However, there are a few aspects you need to consider that can help make the process easier.

Boxing certification

The trainer at the boxing gym should be a certified coach in the area. Now, you can overlook this requirement if the instructor in question has a solid reputation, but where the individual is unknown, it’s important to check out their credentials. With a recognized certification, you can be assured that the trainer has some level of knowledge of the sport.

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Training requirements

Whether your goal for training is to improve fitness, prepare for an amateur bout or become a professional, a trainer should be able to customize the workout according to your abilities and goals. They should also break down the techniques and implement them in a way you understand.

Group size

The training group size is particularly relevant for amateur boxers. If you are starting out, consider the student and gym trainer’s ratio. Similar to educational institutions, the smaller the group, the better the chances of receiving personalized supervision and instruction.

In addition to training boxers, Fidel Tukel is also a boxing promoter with over twenty-five events under his belt.

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Fidel Tukel: How to Improve a Gym Business

Fidel Tukel is a Sydney-based boxing trainer, manager and promoter who also understand the business of owning and operating a gym. Like many owners, Fidel Tukel knows that running this enterprise takes hard work, and it’s often by implementing small, meaningful steps that significant improvements and growth can be achieved.

These enhancements can be made in the following areas:

Customer service

Many gym owners are used to wearing multiple roles. You might be the personal trainer, receptionist, cleaning service and member coordinator all rolled up into one. Yes, you have a lot to do, but don’t lose sight of the goal of why all these tasks are necessary: for the members.

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Every once in a while, refresh your customer service habits. Greet every person who walks in by names, and make an extra effort to compliment them based on the efforts they’ve put in. Personal attention is a big reason why some people chose to train in small gyms compared to corporate ones.

Service offering

Help your members stay committed by providing new fitness programs and regimens. Modify classes, hire guest instructors, and create special promotions that keep customers engaged. Additionally, consider adding retail offerings like branded apparel and dietary supplements to your service offerings.


In your quest to grow the business, don’t take customer feedback for granted. The fitness industry is a competitive one, and there are numerous options for members available if they feel you’re not meeting their needs. Use of surveys can help bring important issues to light that can be addressed.

Fidel Tukel’s gym was formerly known as Blacktown Hit Squad (BHS), but he’s now involved in Ultimate Training Centre (UTC) Gym.

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Fidel Tukel: A Boxing Manager’s Mindset

Fidel Tukel is a Sydney-based boxing gym owner who’s made a name for himself as an accomplished boxing trainer and manager. His list of former clients includes Olympic boxers and world champions in various weight classes. Fidel Tukel’s very dedicated to the sport, as he’s also helped promote more than twenty-five boxing events, many of them on televised.

Like many boxing managers, Tukel understands the importance of staying focused on what needs to be accomplished to help his boxers attain their goals. Between the diverse types of people a manager deals with to the fighter’s attitude, a manager requires a passion for the sport to keep their focus all the time. With that in mind, here are additional items to consider as a manager.

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Lay out all responsibilities in a written agreement

For example, if your agreement with a boxer calls for you to refrain from providing money to the athlete, don’t get pulled into giving money. Fighters will try and get a lot more from you, so it’s important that you have a written agreement that lays out all responsibilities.

Stay on the lookout for sponsors

The best cure for a low purse may be a sponsor for your boxer who advertises on his robe or trunks. Sometimes, the fighter can sell himself more to the local community and increase their chances of getting sponsored.

Do your research

Don’t just sign up your boxer to any fight that comes along. Research the prospective opponents and the potential contract and see whether it’s worth it. It will help you assess opportunities better and get your boxer in the right situations.

Fidel Tukel is involved with the Ultimate Training Centre (UTC) Gym.

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Fidel Tukel: Encouraging the Youth to Get Physically Fit

Fidel Tukel has owned a gym in Sydney, Australia for several years. Through the gym, Fidel Tukel’s trained many athletes in boxing, helping them reach their dreams. Additionally, Fidel Tukel also works as a personal trainer for individuals who want to lose weight or get physically fitter, many of whom are youth.

“I volunteer four nights a week at the gym or local parks to physically train youth for weight loss, fitness and conditioning,” he says.

With childhood obesity becoming a great concern for communities everywhere, there is a need for youth fitness programs that are tailored at keeping them active at a critical stage of their lives. The physical benefit of an active lifestyle for youth is invaluable. Even more encouraging is the fact that sports and exercise have little risk. While there’s always the possibility of injury, regular exercise is vital for good health. Additionally, physical fitness plays a significant role in the development of mental and social competence, aspects that serve a young person well in their growth.

An important measure of psychological development is self-esteem. Self-esteem is acknowledged to be a key factor in youth development. Individuals with high self-esteem feel adequate in the areas of life where success is deemed essential. Those who feel inadequate in those areas can be said to experience low self-esteem.

To Fidel Tukel, engaging youth in fitness programs helps them identify their athletic strengths, develop their social skills, and become more confident in themselves, which helps make the growth process much easier.

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Fidel Tukel: Following NFL Football

Fidel Tukel is a business owner who resides in Maroubra, which is a seaside community that is a suburb of Sydney, Australia. This is an individual who is very passionate about sports. In fact, he has built his business around his love of physical activities. He has been the owner of his own boxing gym since 2007, and this is quite an accomplishment, because he is only in his mid-thirties. In addition to his role as a business owner, he is also a boxing trainer, and he is a personal trainer who shares his expertise with people who want to use boxing to get into better shape.

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As a person from Australia who is into sports, Fidel Tukel likes Australian rules football as you might imagine, but this is not the only type of football that he enjoys. The National Football League has been making efforts to get the attention of people from countries outside of the United States for a number of years, and there are many NFL fans around the world. This boxing gym owner is one of them, and he avidly follows the league throughout the season.

It can be a lot of fun to get together with your friends and family members to watch NFL football games, and this is especially true when your favorite team is playing on television. Fidel Tukel is a fan of the Cleveland Browns, so his Sundays are a lot more interesting when his Browns are playing in a game that is televised.

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Fidel Tukel: Aerobic Training

Fidel Tukel owns a boxing gym, and he is a professional trainer, manager, and promoter. In addition to his work training aspiring boxers at his gym, he is also a personal trainer who works with many notable clients who want to learn how to box. In his spare time, he provides physical fitness training to children, so he is an expert when it comes to exercise.

Anaerobic exercise is a form that is important for all athletes because aerobic activities contribute to cardiovascular health. Even if you are a highly skilled athlete, if you are winded, you are not going to be able to deliver a peak performance. This is why boxing trainers like Fidel Tukel have always emphasized the importance of road work for fighters.

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Any activity that raises your heart rate above a certain level is considered to be aerobic exercise. There is a basic formula that you can use to determine your maximum heart rate. You deduct your age from the number 220, so if you are 40, your maximum allowable heart rate would be 180. The target for aerobic exercise would be to maintain a rate that is 55 to 80 percent of this maximum figure for 20 minutes or more at least three times per week.

Running is a great form of aerobic exercise, and it doesn’t require any equipment or a gym membership. Swimming is also a fantastic form of aerobic exercise that is easy on your joints, and vigorous bike rides can get your heart pumping. Many people can get motivated on their own, but if you find it hard to stick to an exercise program, you may want to engage the services of a personal trainer like Fidel Tukel.

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Fidel Tukel: living at the beach

Fidel Tukel has a great deal of responsibility as a business owner. He is the director of a construction company that takes on residential and commercial building projects with an emphasis on concrete work. In addition to his construction endeavors, he is also a boxing gym owner who promotes events. This successful businessman was born in Mildura, in Victoria, Australia, and his family moved to Sydney when he was eleven years of age. He is currently a resident of Sydney, and he lives in a very interesting part of the metropolitan area.

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Fidel Tukel resides in Maroubra, which is one of the eastern suburbs of the city of Sydney. It is a beach-side community, so he has easy access to the sights and sounds of the shore. When you live near the beach, you have many opportunities to enjoy your spare time, especially if you are into physical activities like this individual. Since he is a boxing trainer, he knows a good bit about the value of aerobic fitness. Boxers put in “roadwork,” but he does not have to actually hit the road. He can run alongside the beach, and this is a lot more appealing than a run through city streets.

The Maroubra area is famous for the surfing opportunities that it provides, and this is another activity that he can engage in. Plus, after a busy day at work, people sometimes need to just relax and be alone with their thoughts. Fidel Tukel can visit some very meditative spots near the ocean, so he can always kick back, listen to the waves hit the shore, and leave the stresses of the day behind.

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