Fidel Tukel: Becoming a Better Trainer

Fidel Tukel has owned and operated his own boxing gym for more than a decade. During that time, he has been heavily involved in many elements of the sport, including within such areas a boxing promotion, management and even training.

As a promoter, Fidel Tukel has earned credit for putting together and promoting many high-profile events, including several that earned airtime and publicity on Pay-Per-View Television. As a manager, Tukel has represented many of the top athletes to have come through the local region; athletes that have represented the best boxing has to offer at the highest levels of the sport.

Fidel Tukel

As a trainer, though, Fidel Tukel has enjoyed the chance to work one-on-one with many talented fighters, those of each respective weight class and experience level, to hone the skills and techniques necessary to competing at the highest level. As such, he has come to appreciate just how dedicated such athletes are to becoming better, more competitive forces within the sport of boxing.

An experienced trainer, Tukel understands the importance of:

–Ongoing personal development and self-improvement. Trainers must never give up in their quest for knowledge, as constant learning helps to make them more effective on behalf of the athlete.

–Knowing how to motivate the fighter. When the trainer knows how to properly motivate the fighter, the fighter begins to realize what they are truly capable of.

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Fidel Tukel : Why Choose Boxing?

Fidel Tukel is passionate about the sport of boxing, having in and around the sport, and with many talented, rising stars of boxing, for much of the last ten years. An experienced gym owner, promoter, manager and trainer, Fidel Tukel developed an intimate knowledge of the sport’s many nuances, techniques and secrets, and has come to appreciate just how rewarding a career in boxing can be.


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As someone who has worked firsthand with many athletes, and who has been involved with the sport in many different capacities, Fidel Tukel knows the many potential benefits boxing can be for those involved. Not only does boxing provide athletes the potential to compete, it also:

Helps to Build Self Confidence

Training, sparring and fighting has the potential to instill a set of skills within the athlete that can bolster personal self-confidence; that type of self-esteem that can only come from the knowledge you’ve put yourself to the test in the ring.

Improves Strength and Endurance

Boxing training involves movements, techniques and punches which serve to build the athlete’s strength and endurance, particularly throughout the upper body.

Enhances Mental Focus

The act of training and sparring requires the athlete to really think about their technique, form and strategy, sharpening your clear out the clutter and sharpen your ability to focus on what’s important.

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Fidel Tukel : What Makes Concrete?

As longtime construction professional Fidel Tukel knows, concrete is an amazing substance; a cost-efficient and moldable material that provides builders a relatively easy and practical foundation for any number of projects. The material of choice for many residential and commercial builders over the last century, concrete provides a strong and reliable base for building houses, residential complexes tall buildings throughout the world.

Fidel - Tukel

There are five basic components of concrete, including:

Cement When mixed with water, cement has the ability to both set and harden. It is known as a hydraulic binder.

Aggregates Generally consisting of gravel and sand, concrete aggregates more or less form the internal skeleton of the concrete; that which helps to bind the cement paste together.

Admixtures Admixtures are powders or liquids added to concrete during small quantity mixing.

Water Water is essential to the creation of concrete, as it is this precious substance which ultimately binds and hardens the cement.

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Fidel Tukel: Basics of Aussie Rules Football

Australian native Fidel Tukel has long been a fan of Aussie Rules Football; that unique, rugby-style sport which is a staple of the Australia sports scene. For the most part, Aussie Rules Football, known affectionately by many players and fans as football, or footy, is played exclusively in Australia, as well as within the Australian Football League, the only professional league which currently focuses on the sport.

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In Aussie Rules Football, as Fidel Tukel knows, each team consists of 18 players, each of which play a different position on the field. The goal of each team, which play matches on fields similar in size to cricket fields, is to advance the leather ball (similarly shaped to a rugby ball) closer to one of a series of four goal posts, and to then kick the ball between one of those posts. As with any other sport, the ultimate object is to score more points than the other team.

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Fidel Tukel: What to Know About Rugby Sevens

A fan and coach of Rugby sevens, a variation of traditional rugby which has gained popularity throughout the world, Fidel Tukel is well-acquainted with rules and structure of the game. A variation of rugby union, rugby sevens consists of teams composed of only seven players rather than the traditional fifteen, and seven-minute halves rather than the usual forty-minute periods.

Fidel Tukel - KimHeta

Finding its origins in Scotland over 130 years ago, rugby sevens experienced a considerable explosion in worldwide popularity in the 1970s, in large part due to the creation of the Hong Kong Sevens tournament. With the addition of the World Rugby Sevens Series in 1999, as well as the sport’s recent addition to the Olympic Games, (2016), rugby sevens promises to grow in worldwide reach and popularity for the considerable future.

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Officially sanctioned by the World Rugby organization, rugby sevens is governed more or less by the same rules which guide the 15-player version. The major exceptions to this, of course, are that of game length and team size.

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Fidel Tukel – Training Olympic Boxers

Fidel Tukel is a well-known boxing trainer and manager in Sydney, Australia. In 2007, he opened Black town Hit Squad, a boxing gym that allowed him to train and manage several Olympic hopefuls.

Fidel Tukel_personal trainer

Unlike many of the other sports featured in the Olympics, boxers spend most of their time training and very little time in actual competition. Their primary objective is to get into peak physical condition and be ready when it’s time to compete.

Olympic boxers undergo extensive aerobic and anaerobic fitness regimes, during their training, while focusing on their reflexes and improving their flexibility. Aerobic conditioning helps build the boxers endurance, allowing them to last in the ring for a more extended period. Anaerobic conditioning focuses on developing the boxer’s strength.

Boxers need to have sharp reflexes to avoid punches and engage in counter punches. To develop their reflexes, they must perform exercises that are designed to improve their reaction times.

Fidel Tukel creates specialized programs for the boxers that he trains to help them get ready for their next fight.



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Fidel Tukel – The Business of Owning a Gym

In 2007, Fidel Tukel turned his dream of owning a gym into a reality. For the last ten years, Fidel Tukel has successfully managed his gym the Ultimate Training Centre gym where he trains Olympic boxers and other Australian sports stars. Owning and operating a gym can be both financially and personally rewarding.

However, like with most businesses, the first year can be tough. The following insights can help make your first year of gym ownership smoother and put you on the right path for success.

  1. You need to get into the right mindset. It is essential that you focus your attention on being an entrepreneur. You will need to make sure you have the proper equipment to suit a wide array of members.
  2. Understand that, like with most businesses, you will have peak periods and lull periods.
  3. Expect to do more marketing and promotions in your first year to help attract new customers to your business.

During your first year of business, you can expect to put in a lot of time and effort to get your gym on the right path for success. Fidel Tukel is a successful gym owner and boxing manager who resides in Sydney, Australia.


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